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Dorka S. Jewelry is a dream that came true in my dream city, the Big Apple. I studied art and painting in my early years in Budapest then, after 10 years in the advertising industry, I happily found my way back to design and creation.

I moved to New York and I started a new life with my wonderful husband; it was time to start an exciting new carrier and to finally live to my dreams.  I signed up for a goldsmith training course at the jewelry trade school Studio Jewelers Ltd. With that, I launched my label Dorka S. Jewelry.

Jumping into a new endeavor is frightening, but by injecting courage and energy into it, I now see the opportunities instead of limitations.

As a designer my aim has been to create timeless pieces for women who want to emphasize their strength, independence and personality. City life, architecture, structures and shapes has always been my greatest inspiration. I adore architecture and this is reflected in my designs. My style embodies a contemporary and experimental trend through the use of natural yet quirky elements and shapes.

Each piece is a handcrafted piece of art.

Dora Kovacs, Designer